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Dab Eco Den
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Eco - Range

The Dab Den Eco range of Garden rooms have all the structural integrity of the signature range but without the frills, They have a parapet roof, Siberian larch cladding, aluminium, double glazed doors, and internally finished with plasterboard and painted white.  There are a selection of laminate floor finishes to chose from.

Eco Dens:-

3m x 4m = £ 18,500 + vat

3m x 5m = £ 21,000 +vat

4m x 5m = £ 27,666 + vat

4m x 6m = £ 31,000 + vat

5m x 6m = £ 37,666 + vat

Dab Hub

The Dab Hub has been specifically designed as a Home office to create a professional space of your own. Fabricated offsite, the Hub is a 1 day installation

Dab Hub:-

2.4m x 3.0m = £ 10,000 + vat

01330 833861

Signature Range

The Dab Den Signature range of Garden rooms have the classic cantilevered roof, extending timber wall, Siberian larch cladding, and floor to ceiling glazing along the front elevation, with 1m of softwood decking to the front.  

3m x 4m = £ 20,160 + vat

3m x 5m = £ 23,500 + vat

4m x 5m = £ 30,160 + vat

4m x 6m = £ 34,300 + vat


5m x 6m = £ 41,000 + vat

A garden room larger than 30sqm will require a building warrant, and costs will be site dependant.  Please contact one of our consultants to discuss your bespoke project.

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Dab Hub - Home office
Dab Hub

Dab Signature Den